Ask yourself: What can I do to help close the creativity gap?

As a business leader:

What creative opportunities can I make available to my employees that would help them become creative problem solvers?

As an educator:

How can I infuse the arts more into my classroom to empower my students to be deeper critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and effective future employers?

As a member of a faith-based community:

What can I do to ensure our children and youth have learning experiences infused with the arts so that they feel accepted and valued as human beings?

As a health wellness provider:

How can I advocate for the arts to be a part of our health care system? How can I add more art to my health provider environment?

As a philanthropist:

Where can I invest my dollars that will ensure more children, youth, and even adults will have enriching arts-infused experiences that will inspire others to be a part of this change revolution?

As an artist:

How can I specifically use my talent to teach others how to create for a lifetime?

As a student:

Where can I volunteer my creative energy with children, youth, peers and/or adults so together we can help close the creativity gap?


Our follow-up Coffee & Conversation gatherings have yielded some thought-provoking questions. A few of those will be posted here. If you have thoughts, questions, or answers you'd like to share so we can continue the conversation, fill out the form below and maybe we'll post them here!

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