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'Spiral Bound' highlights importance of youth art

~~It's difficult to imagine a world without the beauty of art and the inventive minds that pluck it from the world of imagination and integrate it with reality. In recent years, however, schools across the country have cut art programs in order to maintain a steady budget for important features like cafeteria service and food. Student bellies remain full, but souls are deprived of nutrition without the regular influence of art and culture...This particular documentary addresses the long-lasting influence of art in a child's life, and moreover, the consequences and circumstances a child faces when deprived of a creative outlet.

Local Doc Tackles Ed Reform Through Student Eyes

~~We usually hear about the dysfunctions in our education system from top-down sources: Administrators, teachers, parents, and reformers contend they speak on behalf of the students. But why not hear straight from them? Dr. Barbara Ann Temple, vice president of education at the Arts & Science Council of Charlotte, recently brought together a group of high school and undergraduate students for the making of Spiral Bound, a documentary that advocates change in public education. The result is a rare opportunity for audiences to hear directly from students affected by the divisive issues surrounding education systems in our community and nationwide.

Documentary: Students Refuse to be "Spiral Bound"

~~DAVIDSON – A new documentary featuring Davidson College Education Scholars and youth at risk of not graduating sheds light on the importance of arts in closing the achievement gap. “Spiral Bound,” produced by the Arts and Science Council, highlights the partnership of the scholars and members of the ASC’s Studio 345 out-of-school youth development program to demonstrate the need for youth to have a voice to bring about social change to education inequities.

Local High School and College Students Star in Arts Education Documentary

~~Charlotte, NC - High school students from Charlotte's Arts and Science Council Studio 345 program and education scholars from Davidson College will star in a documentary...called “Spiral Bound” and tracks high school students and college student's exploration of the education system over the summer. The film also highlights the importance of arts in preparing students for the workforce as well as the consequences of taking money away from the arts education program.

Spiral Bound Documentary Addresses a Call for Action

~~The first campus screening of Spiral Bound, a documentary promoting the arts in schools, took place behind the doors of Duke Family Performance Hall last Thursday evening. With fliers picketed all over campus, the screening was popular and well attended upon my entrance. Seated around me was a dynamic mix of faculty, students, and members of the town of Davidson. Unbeknown to me during the viewing, I later found out that many of the film’s stars were seated amongst the crowd, enjoying their first look at the documentary.

"Spiral Bound": The Importance of Arts Education

~~In October of 2012, the Arts & Science Council in partnership with Mecklenburg County opened Studio 345 at Spirit Square. Studio 345 is a free, after-school youth development program that uses the arts, specifically digital photography and multimedia, to engage and inspire students. The program aims to foster a sense of belonging and interconnectedness through unique experiences and mentorship by professional working artists in efforts to help students stay in school, graduate and grow emotionally, intellectually and artistically. “Spiral Bound,” a documentary about Studio 345 and social justice in the education system...Directed by Jason Winn, produced by Chris Blunt and co-written by Michael Buchanan, the documentary follows high school students in Studio 345 and college students from Davidson College as they explore the education system over the course of one summer. “Spiral Bound” illustrates the importance of the arts in preparing students for the workforce and the alternative consequences of defunding arts education.

'Spiral Bound'

~~an extraordinary video documentary, entitled Spiral Bound..., "on the role of arts in learning and specifically how the loss of arts in the schools is a social equity issue." by the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, North Carolina. A bold effort by one of the best local arts agencies in America.
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